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MAY | JUNE 2016

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SPEAK YOUR MIND What's your best massage experience as a client? I entered massage school without ever having had bodywork. This has allowed me a unique perspective. Some of the best sessions that come to mind are those where I was—as the client— able to understand something that I could then take to my table as the therapist and help my clients better. Whenever you're able to experience what someone else is struggling with, and have that lightbulb moment of a new technique to try with them, it's very rewarding. BRITTANY H. CARY, NORTH CAROLINA FROM FACEBOOK In my 10-plus years as a massage therapist, I've had the opportunity to trade massage work with several peers. One in particular stands out—not because we traded the most, but because she listened and worked on the areas important to me. Kristi Watson Foor is one of the most accomplished massage therapists at paying attention to detail, and she's driven to meet or exceed her clients' needs. KEVIN DEIGHAN During a Michael Young muscle release technique class in 2008, I was suffering from plantar fasciitis. Michael worked on me two different times that weekend and made an impression. I continue to use his techniques in my practice today. DAWN SVOBODA WAGNER I had serious pulling pain in my right scapula, and I couldn't even lift my arm or sleep at night. I could not reach it myself and a tennis ball just wouldn't hit the spot. So, one day in class, I had two people massaging my shoulder, and my classmate, Trent Erickson, walked over, got in there, and worked that kink right out. It was a good hurt. Next day, my arm was mobile again. NIECY WARREN I have severe TMJ. Victoria Craigie from I Do Therapy was able to massage my jaw enough to relieve some of the pressure on the left side of my face. I can't wait for future sessions. SARAH VERALDI FROM TWITTER My best massage experience was falling asleep within the first 10 minutes of my massage and waking up when it was over! @J_LOVITT Tell us about an "oops" moment in your practice. Publication Date: July/August Gloves? No gloves? When have you had to make this choice when working with clients? Publication Date: Sept/Oct Email your responses to Your submission can be as short as you'd like and up to 250 words. Upcoming Topics

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