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November/December 2012

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1. SEARCH FOR PROSPECTS You may get lucky going with a friend's recommendation, but you should do your homework first. "The best way to locate a compatible accountant is to ask around the community," says CPA and tax advisor Genevia Gee Fulbright of Durham, North Carolina. Ask bankers, insurance agents, small business owners, and even other practitioners. "If it isn't a direct conflict of interest," Fulbright says, "consider using the same CPA as a fellow professional. The information you share with your accountant is strictly confidential, and licensed accountants are bound to strict nondisclosure requirements." "One of the most important factors in selecting an accountant is the quality of the customer service she provides," says Vincent G. DiAntonio, a CPA from Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. "This is reflected in everything the accountant does, from how quickly she returns phone calls to the accuracy and reliability of the advice provided. Sometimes a recommendation from a friend is the best way to find a good accountant, since some do not advertise. Many, in fact, acquire new clients solely through word of mouth. That gives them a strong incentive to provide quality customer service." See what benefits await you. 79

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