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November/December 2012

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Giving Massage Reduces Anxiety Researchers from Oxford, UK, have shown that massage therapy students who performed a one- hour Swedish massage reported signifi cantly less anxiety than students who spent an hour doing normal daily activities. Participants were measured according to the Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale, with no changes reported on depression and stress levels, and no adverse effects. The study, "The Benefi ts of Giving a Massage on the Mental State of Massage Therapists," will be published in an upcoming edition of the Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and an abstract is currently available at For the third straight year, the ABMP Named Association of the Year World Massage Festival (WMF) awarded ABMP Association of the Year at its annual conference in Las Vegas. In addition, ABMP President Les Sweeney was inducted to the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame. The WMF has been working since 2006 "to honor those who built the bridges for our profession, to educate the general public about massage, to educate therapists about different types of massage, and to have fun." Next year's WMF will take place August 4–7 in Long Beach, California, aboard the Queen Mary. For more information, visit Steamy Wonder Spa™ Offer your clients the best portable steam sauna available! The Super 7 Organic Treatments Increase your array of services while your clients enjoy the benefits. Weight Loss & Cellulite Sore Joint & Muscle Relaxing Royal Lavendar Shipping! FREE Pain Relief Weight Loss Detoxification Special Introductory offer and Free DVD CALL NOW! Enhances Sports Massage Lymphatic Drainage Cellulite Management Ayurvedic Garshana Purification & Maximum Detox Tropical Cool Down Blissful Rose Call Toll Free: 800-417-6789 or Visit The Website: See what benefits await you. 21

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