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MAY | JUNE 2016

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C h e c k o u t A B M P 's l a t e s t n e w s a n d b l o g p o s t s . Av a i l a b l e a t w w w. a b m p . c o m . 113 CranioCradle SPORT:DT The newest model of the CranioCradle encourages joints to decompress and cramped, tense muscles to gently release. It softens muscular tension and eases aches and pains with deep- tissue therapy. Based on osteopathy, craniosacral, and massage therapy techniques, the CranioCradle SPORT:DT provides concentrated pressure for individuals with dense muscle mass, large body types, or who prefer deep-tissue therapy. Available for $36 retail at or 888-380-6748. Wholesale pricing is available. The Concise Book of Muscles Updated with the latest human anatomy and biomechanics research, the 3rd edition of this bestselling book offers a comprehensive introduction to emerging explanations of new models of living motion and human architecture. Detailed, full-color anatomical drawings and succinct text identify all the major muscles, showing the origin, insertion, action, and innervation of each muscle. Designed to make learning anatomy and movement easily accessible, it's available at; paperback, $32.95, or ebook, $22.99. Aromatherapy Pendant This sleek pendant is the perfect blend of old and new, beauty and function, and features the Cor essential oil blend wick and your choice of essential oils. The wick is undetectable, replaceable, and carries an exclusive aromatherapy blend. Choose your blend—calm, energy, or focus—and change your fragrance as often as you wish. Wear as much or as little as you want with just a twist of the pendant. Available for $125 at Plain & Simple Guide to Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Examinations Laura Allen's third edition of Plain & Simple Guide to Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Examinations aligns with the updated MBLEx. This text prepares you for exam success with straightforward coverage focused on need-to-know information. Now in full color, this edition includes a practical applications feature that connects what students are learning to what they will see in practice, and an enhanced array of teaching and learning resources, including videos, animations, and adaptive quizzing. Available for $56.99 at For 30 percent off and free shipping, use promo code: MWFH218W W (valid until December 31, 2016).

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