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MAY | JUNE 2018

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28 m a s s a g e & b o d y w o r k m a y / j u n e 2 0 1 8 SAVVY SELF-CARE best practices get to enjoy the numerous physiological health benefits of moving because of our profession. Excellent choosing, friends. Not only does moving improve our longevity and physiological well-being, moving our bodies plays a major role in how we learn, connect with others, and feel. Thinking and learning does not exclusively take place in our heads. The mind and body are inseparable, as demonstrated by the "brain in our gut": we have more nerve cells in our small intestine than in our brain. Indeed, our body is our brain. 2 Likewise, our body reflects the ever- changing formations of thoughts, ideas, and dreams and the continuous rising and falling tides of all our feelings and e-motions. 3 See? Even our feelings are in motion! "Our Bodies Vibrate to the Frequency of Our Thoughts and Feelings."—Jeff Martens It's not just important to move—it's just as valuable to consciously choose our intention for why we move. We used to be motivated to move for the purpose of producing external results: rehabbing from an injury, increasing flexibility, losing weight, or getting something done. Over time, we've flipped the script. Instead of chasing externally driven results, we are now choosing to move from an intention to generate internal benefits. When we move from an intentional inner space, we build more trust and confidence in our body, experience greater possibilities of what we can accomplish, and, in general, feel more at home in our skin. As everyday conscious movers, we experience greater ease, flow, and joy from the inside out. Conscious moving is an inside job. What if you choose to move for the sake of generating internal, rather than external, results? You could choose to move for the pure pleasure and enjoyment of moving ... for the feeling of ease and grace of being in your body. Conscious moves are investments of time and attention for the purpose of expanding our joy factor! Conscious Moves Exercising is Optional, Moving is Essential By Heath and Nicole Reed Approximately 22 years ago … Nicole: Do you want to go for a walk with me? Heath: Sure. Where do you need to go? Nicole: Nowhere. I just want to go for a walk around the neighborhood. Heath: (perplexed, with a look of confusion) Why? Nicole: (beaming her ear-to-ear smile) Because it feels good to walk! Everything is moving. From the cosmic whirling of galaxies to the microscopic shape- shifting of electrons transforming from waves to particles, our world is in constant flux. Even if we hold our breath and appear to be motionless, our heart continues to beat, our cells are endlessly dying and being reborn in infinite chemical exchanges, and, let's face it, every second we're alive we move closer to death. Indeed, death is the ultimate nonmovement. "Movement is Life!"—Moshe Feldenkrais How do you imagine the arc of your aging process? Do you envision your body aging like an old stinky cheese? Or, can you imagine your body and mind aging like a fine bottle of wine? We choose the bottle of wine! Moving is an essential ingredient to enhancing our physical and cognitive resources, boosting our creativity and capacity to connect. And when we add the bonus feature of moving with intentionality, we generate greater aliveness, delight, and pleasurable feelings of well-being. Simple movements like walking improve and coordinate all the major systems of our bodies: musculoskeletal, neurological, endocrine, enteric, immune, and beyond. Moving improves our quality and quantity of life. Movers don't get as sick or injured as more sedentary folks, and they live longer. 1 The good news for us massage therapists is that we

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