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MAY | JUNE 2018

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24 m a s s a g e & b o d y w o r k m a y / j u n e 2 0 1 8 BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS best practices Ahh, spring. Here, in New England, it arrives with daffodils popping up cautiously and then getting punched back down by an early April snowstorm. For years, I felt like spring was a metaphor for my massage business. I would get through the steady winter months feeling hearty and strong, then April and May would bury me with the previous year's taxes, first quarter taxes, three license renewals (thanks, May birthday!), and professional membership renewal. Oh, and then second quarter taxes due in June. It took me too many years to notice the pattern. When I did, it took me a few more years to make a real change in my habits from June through February to prepare for the inevitable (and entirely predictable) avalanche of expenses each spring. What helped me finally get it together? Ultimately, some selfishness mixed with a little business fatigue. I wanted to make the next spring easier. I wanted to do a favor for my future self. So, I conducted a completely unscientific examination of my savings and planning routine. It wasn't particularly structured, but I nailed down the worst parts of the problem and came up with a few small fixes to move forward. The next year was slightly less difficult, so I made a few more improvements to my routine. This continues every year, and I start by asking myself a few questions. I've found the following to be helpful to other business owners too. Spring into Strategic Saving 5 Questions for Financial Improvement By Allissa Haines

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