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WHAT'S INSIDE? JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2018 FEATURES 60 A MILLENNIAL CLIENT'S PERSPECTIVE A millennial client breaks down stereotypes about her generation and gives ideas for understanding and communicating with this open-minded, technologically driven group. By Tara Doyle 66 A MILLENNIAL MT'S PERSPECTIVE When it comes to the millennial massage therapist, there may not be as much to separate the generations as you might think. By Karrie Osborn 68 THE POSTURE WINDOW, PART 2 This chiropractor gives insight into treating postural dysfunction and reminds us that the highest goal bodyworkers can achieve may be fostering an awareness in clients that by changing what they are doing, they can change the results they are getting. By Yoni Whitten, DC 76 SECRETS AND STRATEGIES FOR GROUPON MARKETING SUCCESS Accepting Groupon for what it is, and figuring out how to get what you want from what it's willing to give, is the secret to having a mutually beneficial relationship. By Cath Cox 82 TOOL TIME Massage tools can save your hands. But which tool should you choose? This therapist presents a guide to selecting the perfect pressing tool. By Mark Liskey 112 54 ABMP MEMBER PROFILE: Corliss Chan MILLENNIAL MINDS Millennials are a large and fast-growing population with immense purchasing power. That means attracting and keeping millennial clients is not optional—it's a must. Learn what millennials want and how to give it to them. By Lynn Parentini

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