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A B M P m e m b e r s e a r n F R E E C E a t w w w. a b m p . c o m / c e b y r e a d i n g M a s s a g e & B o d y w o r k m a g a z i n e 17 ON THE WEB WEBINARS BLOG POSTS M&B ONLINE WITH ABMP, YOUR WEBINAR CE IS FREE! Choose from more than 140 webinars on demand in the ABMP Education Center, including: "Refi ne Your Touch" with Art Riggs Art Riggs shares the necessary skills to communicate with clients about their comfort levels and pain thresholds, and understand the psychological and emotional components that may be infl uencing your clients' actual perceptions of intense massage and their trust in your work. He also discusses how to refi ne your ability to monitor clients' reactions to your work, and apply specifi c techniques to soften your touch and deliver it more powerfully and effectively. "Unraveling the Mystery of Ankle Pain" with Ben Benjamin, PhD Precise testing is the crucial fi rst step to detect which injury is causing pain in the lateral ankle. Sometimes an important tendon that helps stabilize the ankle is injured and masquerades as a lateral ankle sprain. Learn how to assess and treat this common injury. Relevant anatomy and assessment tests for lateral ankle sprains, as well as therapeutic techniques for treatment of this most common ankle sprain, are discussed. ABMP SECOND LOOK: DEREK AND EPHRAIM OLIVER The ABMP Member Profi les we showcase in Massage & Bodywork magazine give you a chance to get to know your therapist colleagues on a deeper level. However, due to space constraints, we sometimes have to leave out interesting details of a member's story. Learn more about the father-son duo featured in our September/October 2017 ABMP Member Profi le. ADVICE FROM THE PROS #10: ERIC STEPHENSON Read tips on client retention and marketing from Eric Stephenson, Vice President of Culture and Education at Elements Massage, in this edition of ABMP's Advice from the Pros. Ruth Werner's article on page 40 discusses a common side effect of statin use: statin- associated musculoskeletal symptoms. For a more detailed look at various statin medications and their effects on the body, visit page 115 of the digital edition of this issue.

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