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4. Commitment to Uphold the Inherent Worth of All Individuals I will demonstrate compassion, respect, and tolerance for others. I understand there are situations when it is appropriate to decline service to a client because it is in the best interests of a client's health, or for my personal safety, but I will not refuse service to any client based on disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, physical build, or sexual orientation; religious, national, or political affiliation; or social or economic status. 5. Commitment to Respect Client Dignity and Basic Rights I will demonstrate my respect for the dignity and rights of all individuals by providing a clean, comfortable, and safe environment for sessions, using appropriate and skilled draping procedures, giving clients recourse in the event of dissatisfaction with treatment, and upholding the integrity of the therapeutic relationship. 6. Commitment to Informed Consent I will recognize a client's right to determine what happens to their body. I will fully inform my clients of choices relating to their care. I will not provide massage without obtaining a client's informed consent (or that of the guardian or advocate for the client) to the session plan. 7. Commitment to Confidentiality I will keep client communication and information confidential and will not share client information without the client's written consent, within the limits of the law. I will ensure every effort is made to respect a client's right to privacy. 8. Commitment to Personal and Professional Boundaries I will refrain from and prevent behaviors that may be considered sexual in my massage practice and uphold the highest professional standards in order to desexualize massage. I will not date a client, engage in sexual intercourse with a client, or allow any level of sexual impropriety (behavior or language) from clients or myself. I understand that sexual impropriety may lead to sexual harassment charges, the loss of my massage credentials, lawsuits for personal damages, criminal charges, fines, attorney's fees, court costs, and jail time. 9. Commitment to Honesty in Business I will know and follow good business practices. I will set fair fees and practice honesty throughout my marketing materials. I will not accept gifts, compensation, or other benefits intended to influence a decision related to a client. 10. Commitment to Professionalism I will maintain clear and honest communication with clients and colleagues. I will positively promote the massage and bodywork profession by committing to self-development and continually building my professional skills. AT ANY TIME, FOR ANY REASON If at any time you feel uncomfortable during our session, please stop the session and let me know so we can remedy the situation. If you're ever in the care of a massage therapist and you don't feel safe, trust your instincts. As the client, you are always entitled to ask a therapist to stop what they're doing or end the session—at any time, for any reason. As your therapist, please note that I will NOT: • Make any contact with the genital region. • Make contact with the breast without prior discussion and consent for indicated conditions. • Make sexual comments or jokes. • Make inappropriate comments about your body. • Require you to be nude in your massage session. • Try to convince you to let me perform a technique you are uncomfortable with. • Use poor or loose draping or hold the drape too high when you turn over, leaving you feeling exposed. • Work on the upper inner thigh without explicit permission.

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