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WHAT'S INSIDE? MAY/JUNE 2017 FEATURES 60 PREVENTING BACK STRAIN In nearly 45 years of practice, this distinguished bodyworker has perfected self-care and ergonomics. Learn more about wellness from his vantage point. By Meir Schneider, PhD 68 6 YOGA POSES TO SUPPORT YOUR PRACTICE Delivering massage and bodywork day after day can be taxing. Here are specifi c poses to help you warm and prepare your body to perform at its best. By Cindy Williams 72 RECHARGE BETWEEN AND AFTER CLIENTS Sometimes the day simply moves too fast and you end up transferring baggage from session to session. Learn how to center yourself so you can move forward. By Amy Andrews McMaster 74 LAUGHTER: THE BEST MEDICINE Humor is delightful and it can be wonderfully cathartic for your clients. The creator of Touch of Humor tells us how she weaves levity into her space and practice. By Susan B. Epperly 80 INDIA: BUILDING AN EDUCATIONAL BRIDGE A Canadian-led contingent has opened a formal massage therapy school in India, igniting career paths for generations. By Debra Koerner 112 SIMPLE SELF-CARE PRACTICES & WHY THEY MATTER This dynamic duo has poured their hearts, souls, and bodies into the massage and bodywork profession. They know their careers need to be sustainable, so they've chosen to take care of themselves, while taking care of their clients. Try their self- care exercises. By Heath and Nicole Reed 52 ABMP MEMBER PROFILE: Dan Rupp 112 Dan Rupp

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