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SAMPLE Business Action Plan Key Area TRACK PLAN ACT Schedule Number of sessions in 2016: 636 Jan=51, Feb=54, Mar=59, Apr=56, May=58, June=56, July=58, Aug=37, Sep=49, Oct=57, Nov=51, Dec=50 Mon=78, Tues=112, Wed=132, Thurs=131, Fri=110, Sat=73, Sun=0 • August: It's a consistently slow month. I should take time off then. • Monday: Slowest weekday. I'll change appointment times and do a special "Massage on Monday" marketing promotion. • Saturday: I currently work every Saturday. I could still meet clients' needs and work every other Saturday. • Block two weeks off in August in my online scheduling program today. • 3:00 pm session time is popular other days. Add it to my Monday schedule today to start next week. • Start a social media campaign to promote "Massage on Monday" with a special 15-minute free session upgrade offer. Post within seven days. • Adjust online schedule to work every other Saturday today to start when current appointments allow. Expenses • Largest monthly expenses are rent, cell phone, and credit card per-swipe fees. Rent increased $100/month in January. • I typically scramble to have enough money to pay taxes and my state license renewal fee when they're due. • I order massage supplies every month and shipping costs add up over the year. I paid $106.76 in shipping fees in 2016. • Research cell phone plans and credit card payment providers/plans with lower rates. • Consider subletting my office space on the days I don't use it. • Save $50 each month to pay taxes and state license renewal. • Consider ordering supplies in bulk so I order less often and order with a colleague to split shipping costs. • Conclude research and make plan changes for cell phone and credit card payment plans within 30 days. • Speak with my landlord about subletting my office space and start advertising within 15 days. • Set up a monthly automatic $50 account transfer to savings with my bank within seven days. • Discuss co-ordering opportunity with colleagues and start with my next order. For more member benefits, visit © 2017 ABMP For information on how to use this form effectively to make positive change in key areas of your practice, read the Business Side column in the May/June 2017 issue of Massage & Bodywork magazine.

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