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September/October 2012

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SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 45 102 110 IN EVERY ISSUE 9 Publishers' Letter 12 Editor's Note/Contributors 15 Reader Forum 17 A Touch of Humor 18 What's on the Web 21 Speak Your Mind 24 News Notes 26 Tell Me 29 Ten for Today: Facial Massage 119 Happenings 120 New Products 122 Education Resource Listing 123 Classifi eds 124 Display Showcase 126 Ad Index 127 Inspiration & Insight COLUMNS BEST PRACTICES 32 BUSINESS SIDE Defi ning Your Competition By Laura Allen 37 Q & ART Improve Tracking By Art Riggs 41 TABLE LESSONS Tiny Trigger Thumb By Douglas Nelson 45 SAVVY SELF-CARE Antidotes to Stress and Burnout By Mary Beth Braun EDUCATION 48 PATHOLOGY PERSPECTIVES Topical Medications By Ruth Werner and Annie Morien 26 52 BODY AWARENESS Feet as Massage Tools By Barb Frye 55 FUNCTIONAL ANATOMY Internal Oblique By Christy Cael 58 SOMATIC RESEARCH Systematic Reviews By Diana L. Thompson TECHNIQUE 102 CLASSROOM TO CLIENT Opening and Closing the Massage Session By Anne Williams 106 @WORK Nurses' Injuries By Whitney Lowe 110 ENERGY WORK NEW Reiki By Pamela Miles 114 MYOFASCIAL TECHNIQUES Sacrotuberous Ligaments By Til Luchau 37

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