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September/October 2012

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best practices BUSINESS SIDE | Q & ART | TABLE LESSONS | SAVVY SELF-CARE Antidotes to Stress and Burnout By Mary Beth Braun We live in a world where chaos, 24-7 connectivity, and constant motion are realities of daily life. As a result, we are often in a continual state of stress. You offer one stress-relief key—giving bodywork—and your clients love you for it. But, it is important to be mindful that you, too, are subject to the hurricane that is life and that self-care is also critical for you as a caregiver. Staying calm and being fully present in the therapy room, while expending emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual energy, becomes a delicate balance. Ultimately, it is critical for you to create energy reserves. Without consistent cultivation of your renewal, you may find the scales tipped in favor of depletion and burnout, leaving you less able to fully address the needs of your clients. Recognizing signs of depletion and burnout should be your immediate indication that more self- care is needed. Your triage is a combination of peace (renewing your spirit through inner peace and calm), love (gaining emotional support and cultivating self-compassion), and energy (creating physical and mental renewal). Following are some ways to do just that, regardless of how much time you have to spend (see page 47).

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