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January/February 2011

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44 STAYING GROUNDED Life can be energizing, but sometimes overwhelming. This Hanna Somatics practitioner writes about how you and your clients can remain focused. BY LAWRENCE GOLD 52 BUILD A BETTER UPPER BODY Back and shoulder wellness is essential for the longevity of your massage practice. Here are some self-care tips to preserve your strength, stamina, and mobility. BY KEVIN HARMON 58 TOUCHING THE MIND The inspirational author of Job's Body shares his thoughts about bodywork as a language of sensations, feelings, thoughts, and movements. BY DEANE JUHAN 68 MUSIC AS MEDICINE Most massage clients relax thanks to suitable melodies. Two massage therapists working abroad with burn scar survivors learned just how healing music can be. BY JEN HARTLEY AND CHRIS HALLWAS 77 10 BANKING TIPS Here are 10 ways to avoid making banking errors and keep your hard-earned cash for yourself. BY WILLIAM J. LYNOTT INSPIRE YOURSELF WITH CUTTING-EDGE CONTINUING EDUCATION AND WEBINARS. CHECK OUT YOUR OPTIONS AT ABMP.COM.

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