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January/February 2011

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'round the table GO AHEAD, SPEAK UP All of these things alone or used together work really well: burn incense, drink lots of water before and after, wash hands in hot water and then rinse in cold, imagine a connection with the center of the Earth, and focus all of their negative energy or draining energy to that place, leaving it there instead of in yourself. Andrea Spencer Lebanon, Maine HAVE YOU EVER HAD A CLIENT WHO WAS AN ENERGY VAMPIRE? COMING IN MARCH/APRIL: TELL US ABOUT THE BEST MASSAGE YOU'VE EVER GIVEN. WHO WAS IT FOR, WHEN, AND WHERE? WHAT MADE IT SPECIAL? Not to seem that I'm ungrateful for a loyal client, but one client comes in twice every week with lower back pain. This client brushes off my professional suggestions to seek out other modalities of healing or to change the unhealthy ergonomics that lead him back to my table every week. His demanding and nervous mannerisms put our whole team on edge. He loves to talk for at least 20 or 30 minutes after every session. It was to the point where I dreaded his appointments and was faking smiles. One day our team leader reminded us that ours might be the only positive conversation that clients have in their day—we never know where exactly they're coming from with stress, family, health problems, or work. Remembering that it's our responsibility to heal and not to personally befriend him, helps me to keep my energy up with this client. AMANDA SCOTT MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA 30 massage & bodywork january/february 2011

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