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January/February 2011

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Webinars on Demand BENJAMIN INSTITUTE OF ADVANCED STUDIES NEW! Online Continuing Education with Dr. Ben E. Benjamin A NEW ECONOMICAL & CONVENIENT WAY TO EARN CE HOURS FROM HOME One out of every three people in the United States suffers from musculoskeletal pain in at least one part of their body. Standard conventional treatments are often of limited help, with medication providing only temporary relief. As mas- sage therapists and bodyworkers, we see many of these individuals as our clients. To make any lasting change, we need to clearly understand both what's causing their pain and what specific therapeutic work is likely to help. In his new series of webinars, Dr. Ben Benjamin takes the guesswork out of assessing and treating chronic pain and injury conditions. He covers all of the most common injuries throughout the body, with detailed discussions of the relevant anatomy, assessment tests, and effective treatments. In addition to the hour-long presentation, most webinars also include 15 to 30 minutes of videos to walk you through various assessment and treatment techniques. Unraveling the Mystery of Low Back Pain: A 7-Part Series (9 CEs | $140) • Sacroiliac Dysfunction • Client History and Treatment Options • Iliolumbar Ligament Sprains • Sacrotuberous Ligament Sprains • Supraspinous Ligament Sprains • Common Muscle Injuries • Clinical Reasoning Unraveling the Mystery of Shoulder Pain: A 5-Part Series (7 CEs | $100) • Subscapularis Muscle-Tendon Injuries • Supraspinatus Muscle-Tendon Injuries • Infraspinatus Muscle-Tendon Injuries • Adhesive Capsulitis/Frozen Shoulder • Clinical Applications Unraveling the Mystery of Neck Pain: A 6-Part Series (8 CEs | $120) • Whiplash and Central Ligament Sprains • Client History and Treatment Options • TP 7 Ligament Sprains • Lateral Ligament Sprains • Clinical Applications 1 & 2 Unraveling the Mystery of Knee Pain: A 7-Part Series (10 CEs | $140) • Coming soon! This series will broadcast live in November/December 2010. Ordering & Fees: You can order webinars individually or enroll for an entire series. The fee for a single webinar is $25. If you order a full series, you save between $30 and $50. Visit for updated information on all webinars, DVD programs, books, and workshops — including a new winter training opportunity in Costa Rica! These comprehensive programs will teach you how to effectively assess and treat the most commonly injured structures in the low back and neck areas. You'll learn how to differentiate muscle and ligament injuries from more serious disc injuries, and you'll fine-tune your palpation skills and hands-on treatment techniques. After you've learned the theoretical background, assessment procedures, and treatment techniques, you'll integrate this knowledge through an enactment of a real client case. Each series includes five separate DVDs: DVD 1 Anatomy in Depth DVD 2 Assessment Tools DVD 3 Integration: Concepts & Theory DVD 4 Treatment Techniques DVD 5 Case Enactment Neck or Low Back DVD series: $350 Both DVD series: $600 35 CEs per series: $75 70 combined CEs for both series: $100 Also from Dr. Ben E. Benjamin: DVD Programs: Neck & Low Back Approved provider number: 033029-00 For access to free videos and articles and the latest news on upcoming trainings, join me on Facebook at Call 1-866-331-PAIN (toll free) or visit to order online

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