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January/February 2011

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contributors IN THIS ISSUE At age 19, Lawrence liked Rolfi ng so much he asked how to accelerate the process. Twenty years later, Thomas Hanna wrote to him, "I believe you will be a fi rst-rate somatic Lawrence Gold educator." Lawrence has since trained new practitioners and produced some 18 instructional programs. Welcome Massage & Bodywork's two new columnists: Art Riggs on page 33 and Kenn Howard on page 107. Jen Hartley and Chris Hallwas Jen and Chris are burn survivors, massage therapists, and musically inclined. So, why not combine all of those interests into a business and volunteer program? When they are not volunteering for children's burn camps, speaking at the World Burn Congress, and training massage therapists in other countries, they are members of their church Praise Team. Kenn earned a degree in philosophy and Kenn Howard wandered the earth for years trying to fi gure out why. Eventually he began to offer ethics classes at massage schools and continuing education workshops for massage therapists. His passions include teaching and spending time in the woods. Deane Juhan Deane was a member of the Esalen massage crew for 18 years, and a Trager practitioner and instructor for 30 years. He is the author of Job's Body: A Handbook for Bodywork and Touched by the Goddess. He lives with his wife Jessica and two cats in Orinda, California. Art has emerged relatively unscathed from his Art Riggs Midwestern upbringing and academic wanderings. He continues to maintain a Rolfi ng practice and teach in the United States and abroad, which gives a welcome respite for his cat, Dave. 10 massage & bodywork january/february 2011

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