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WHAT'S INSIDE? JULY/AUGUST 2016 FEATURES 60 SOMA CUPPING Ready for a new way to work fascia? Enhance your hands-on work by effi ciently integrating cupping massage. By Gregory Gorey 66 VACUUM MANUAL THERAPY Contemporary medical use of cupping applications is benefi tting surgical clients and impressing physicians. By Anita Shannon 74 THE THORACIC SPINE When a healthy back becomes rounded and distorted, it can be the body's silent saboteur. By Joseph E. Muscolino, DC 83 A GUIDE TO NURTURING YOURSELF Only when caregivers take the time for self-care can they acquire the energy to keep on giving. By Michael Finkelstein, MD 86 PROLONGING YOUR CAREER LONGEVITY There are a number of strategies you can employ to prolong your careers and do what you love to do. By Susan Epperly 94 TIME MANAGEMENT Get a handle on your schedule by establishing three new habits that will allow you to focus on your clients' needs . By Mark Liskey 119 THE STORY OF MASSAGE 52 CUPPING THERAPY Harmonic convergences can happen—for bodywork clients and practitioners—when Eastern modalities blend with Western wisdom. Here, an educator and practitioner shares how the ancient technique of cupping is fi nding its place in the modern world. By Samuel Wong 54

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