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September/October 2009

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46 THE POWER OF SELF-HEALING After a devastating automobile accident, this client discovered that dance, movement, and internal energy could help her reclaim body and spirit. BY LOOLWA KHAZZOOM 56 SCOPE OF PRACTICE Creativity in your work is exciting and beneficial, but remember it's all too easy to cross the line into uncharted—and forbidden—territory. BY CHRISTY CAEL 66 FOOT/ANKLE MASSAGE FOR PREGNANT CLIENTS Whether or not to work in this area on a mother-to-be is a controversial subject. This practitioner's advice: proceed with caution. BY LESLIE STAGER 76 AN MT'S LEGACY A practitioner's work is valuable, but sometimes not as tangible as another professional's. What's left behind when you step away from the table? BY ROBERT CHUTE 84 BROADWAY BODYWORKER Practitioner Jerry Masi is the man behind the scenes working to keep stage athletes soaring at their best. Read about his nomadic, rewarding career. BY KARRIE OSBORN JOIN THE CYBERBUZZ! MORE THAN 1,500 OF YOUR PEERS ARE ON MASSAGEPROFESSIONALS.COM . ALSO CONNECT WITH ABMP ON FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, MYSPACE, AND TWITTER.

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