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September/October 2009

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reader forum WHAT YOU ARE SAYING "[I] am six weeks pregnant. I cried when I read the article on how to keep working through pregnancy. I think it's partly my hormones!" Darcy Flynn Tarpon Springs, Florida Got Baby? How to Keep Working Through Pregnancy BY ANGELA ENGLAND A 64 massage & bodywork july/august 2009 Baby on Board I have been a nationally certifi ed massage therapist in Florida for eight years and am six weeks pregnant. I cried when I read the article on how to work through pregnancy ["Got Baby?" July/ August, page 64]. I think it's partly my hormones! Angela England's article offers so much practical, useful advice that I know I'll incorporate into my practice over the coming months. I just wanted to say thanks, I needed that! It is reassuring to know others in the massage fi eld have navigated the waters of working with a baby on board. I feel a deep sense of peace that I can do this work and have a healthy pregnancy. DARCY FLYNN TARPON SPRINGS, FLORIDA s a long-time massage therapist, childbirth educator, and labor support doula, I often get asked a question by those who know I've worked through three pregnancies. It usually comes in the form of a panicked e-mail or private message: "Help! I just found out I'm pregnant! Can I still do massage therapy or work at the spa?" The short answer is, yes, of course you can perform bodywork as a pregnant woman. In fact, most doctors will recommend that pregnant women continue their normal level of activities as long as they feel comfortable doing so.ยน But the long answer is a bit more complicated. visit to access your digital magazine 65 ABMP's Social Networking Just wanted to report that I love the LinkedIn group. I have not gone to the other groups yet, because I feel LinkedIn is much more professional. I do have Facebook and MySpace accounts, but closed Twitter, because it was too much. Thanks so much for this. I feel so connected to my colleagues. Thank you, Les Sweeney [ABMP president], and all the staff. I can now breath. Sigh. FRANCES DUNSTON BROOKLYN, NEW YORK Editor's Note: ABMP just launched a social networking platform open to all at Read more in What's on the Web on page 13. 14 massage & bodywork september/october 2009 nurturing body, mind & spirit july/august 2009 Marketplace PROTECT Success In Today's YOUR ASSETS WITH LIABILITY INSURANCE Abdominal Massage Revisiting the Core WORKING WHILE PREGNANT Seated Massage The Ideal Niche Service

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