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September/October 2009

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Dr. Michael Uriarte Presents the Thousands now know what they never thought they could It's not enough to HOPE your clients get better, after this class you'll KNOW what to do. Learn to balance posture, increase range of motion and decrease pain in 3-15 minutes. Dr. Uriarte has taken the guesswork out of your clients' treatments. 100% soft tissue work, this is within the massage therapist scope of practice. You can earn more money in less time. Do one fi fteen minute treatment each day and you can earn an extra $13,000/yr. CAN'T ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS? YOU NEED THIS CLASS. POSTURE EXAMPLE: Two people enter the clinic with the same "one hip higher than the other*" posture BUT different symptoms associated with it. Do you KNOW what to do to clear the pain? One client has pain when bending forward, indicating the treatment below: a. What level of their nervous system is not functioning properly? (L2) b. How many muscles need to be treated to solve this person's problem? (16) c. What 2 muscles bilaterally need to be focused on? (Psoas, Adductors) d. What muscles are weak and need to be strengthened? (Adductors on the low hip side) e. How many other areas of pain are usually associated with this? (3 — Low Back, Lateral Hip, Anterior Thigh) f. What six painful movements do we think this person may have? (Flexion, Extension, Lateral Bending, Back hip when walking, Getting into a car, Crossing legs) g. How many postural imbalances go with this problem and what are the six most common? (11 — Forward Flexion, Extension, Lateral Bending, Hip Flexion, Hip Abduction, Hip Internal Rotation) h. How long is this routine/treatment? (5 minutes) * One hip higher than the other posture example. The other client has pain after sitting in the car for long periods of time. This protocol is different and takes 15 minutes to complete. Sign up today to fi nd out why! TO RESERVE YOUR CLASS , CALL NOW 888.603.2682 P.O. Box 27187 • Shawnee Mission, KS 66225 888.603.2682 local 913.383.2535 or E-mail: * Dr. Michael Uriarte Developer and Instructor of The Myokinesthetic System All hands-on classes $495, 2 days, NCBTMB #151119-00, 20 CEU's. 2009 SCHEDULE May 16-17 Minneapolis MN Upper May 30-31 Albany NY Jun. 6-7 Cincinnati OH Upper Lower Jun. 13-14 Ft. Lauderdale FL Lower Aug. 29-30 Washington DC Upper Sep. 12-13 Chicago IL Sep. 19-20 Seattle WA Sep. 26-27 Pittsburgh PA Oct. 3-4 Toledo OH Upper Lower Upper Upper Oct. 10-11 Jefferson City MO Lower Oct. 17-18 Columbus OH Oct. 24-25 Houston TX Nov 14-15 Milwaukee WI Nov. 21-22 Wichita KS Dec. 5-6 Dallas TX Lower Lower Lower Upper Upper If you are not satisfi ed by noon on the fi rst day simply return the manual for a FULL refund. A FULL NO RISK GUARANTEE! ACTUAL CLASS EVALUATION REMARKS: For more testimonials check out our website at: "This class far surpassed my expectations!" "I can't believe how easy it is." "By far the BEST continuing education class I have ever taken." "For everything that I just learned, you should charge more for the class." "You're right, this is NOT a repackaged technique." Courses Are Available Now! Upper and Lower Home Study is set up identical to hands-on class. Easy to Learn Home Study

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