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September/October 2009

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contributors IN THIS ISSUE Christy is an athletic trainer, strength and conditioning specialist, massage therapist, and educator in Tacoma, Washington. She enjoys family, friends, cute weiner dogs, playing the ukulele, and the outdoors. Christy Cael Read about Loolwa's self-healing journey following a serious car collision. page 46 Robert Chute Veteran therapist and token Canadian, Robert is a regular columnist, frequent contributor, occasional painter, part-time poet, full-time dad, existential angst sufferer, and sometime humorist for Massage & Bodywork. Through what she describes as a mystical experience, Loolwa discovered that dance could heal her pain. She then Loolwa Khazzoom began experimenting with vibrations and energy, intuitively journeying into the world of mind-body medicine. Today, she leads workshops and writes about natural pain relief. Stephanie Mines A poet and dancer at heart, Stephanie feels life chose her to become a healing artist and educator, transmitting messages of empowered, sustainable healthcare. She is an adoring mother and grandmother, and an advocate for children everywhere. She is happily partnered with her husband, environmental attorney Robert E. Yuhnke. Along with doing creative writing, whale research, and wild food foraging, Leslie is a rites-of-passage guide, escorting Leslie Stager others through spiritual and physical encounters with earth, birth, and death. Since 1985, she's shared nurturing touch as a nurse, doula, massage instructor, and childbirth educator. 10 massage & bodywork september/october 2009 11.125" Bleed 10.5" Trim 10" Live

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