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September/October 2009

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new products COMPILED BY SEAN EADS Tibetan Hotsprings Massage Oils The Reiki Teacher's Manual Tina Zion's text guides educators, students, and practitioners to a better understanding of the applications and theories behind three levels of reiki. Zion instructs in both reiki awareness, such as how to increase the power of attunement, and in business practices, including information on state licensing and opening a successful reiki establishment. This 129-page softcover book is available for $19.95 through Pressure Pointer This adjustable, self-applied trigger point device allows safe and easy tissue mobilization of the back, neck, and shoulders. The powder- coated aluminum shaft has a foam handgrip and is height-adjustable. Applied foot pressure brings the interchangeable rolling and fixed heads against targeted areas without strain or fatigue. The Pressure Pointer is available for $59.95 at 888-729- 3053 or Myoskeletal Alignment These three massage oils from Didi Bahini are formulated with Tibetan herbs to enhance any massage session. Cedarwood promotes tranquility and balance, treats rheumatic pain, and has antidepressant properties. Juniper invigorates and energizes the spirit and is used for more vigorous massages. Spikenard warms the body, dispels stress, and is recommended for gentler massage modalities. Oils are available in 100- and 125-milliliter plastic bottles with prices ranging between $15.75 and $18.99 at 819- 790-8273 or Techniques Inspired by the research of Dr. Serge Gracovetsky, Erik Dalton orchestrated this comprehensive video series based on the premise that the spine is the engine driving the legs. In response, Dalton altered his views about body movement and corresponding clinical avenues for assessing and treating chronic pain syndromes. This six- volume set sells for an introductory price of $248 (regularly $288) at 800- 709-5054 or 100 massage & bodywork september/october 2009

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