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May/June 2010

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what's inside? MAY/JUNE 2010 32 COLUMNS 20 BUSINESS SIDE INCREASE YOUR BOTTOM LINE By Laura Allen ACTIVE ENGAGEMENT TECHNIQUES This orthopedic massage expert details the integration of active motion with commonly used therapeutic techniques. The resulting work increases the intensity of the treatment and provides additional solutions for clients, particularly those with specific pain or injuries. BY WHITNEY LOWE 24 TALK ABOUT TOUCH INTENTION OF PRACTICE With Mary Kathleen Rose and Mary Ann Foster 80 TABLE LESSONS LEARNING THROUGH STRUGGLE By Douglas Nelson 83 FUNCTIONAL ANATOMY RECTUS CAPITIS POSTERIOR MINOR By Christy Cael 88 ESSENTIAL SKILLS AIS AND INJURY REHAB, PART 1 By Ben E. Benjamin and Jeffrey P. Haggquist 96 PATHOLOGY PERSPECTIVES ATOPY By Ruth Werner 102 BODY AWARENESS BALANCED STANDING By Barb Frye 104 ETHICS AND ETIQUETTE NURTURE PROFESSIONAL NETWORKS By Terrie Yardley-Nohr 108 MYOFASCIAL TECHNIQUES WHIPLASH, PART 2 By Til Luchau 114 SOMATIC RESEARCH SESSION PLANNING By Diana Thompson 127 PRACTITIONER PARABLES WHOLE-BRAIN THINKING By Robert Chute DEPARTMENTS 8 EDITOR'S NOTE 10 CONTRIBUTORS 13 READER FORUM 16 NEWS NOTES 19 HAPPENINGS 26 'ROUND THE TABLE 30 FINGERTIPS FOR THE CLIENT 76 TEN FOR TODAY: CANDLES 86 NEW PRODUCTS 122 EDUCATION RESOURCE LISTING 124 CLASSIFIEDS 124 DISPLAY SHOWCASE 126 AD INDEX

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