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May/June 2010

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contributors IN THIS ISSUE Margot loves living in breath with vitality, passion, and well-being and seeing her breathexperience students come into the fullness of their own unique breath Margot Biestman rhythms. The 78-year-old teacher, artist, and author delights in her travels with her husband of 57 years. Mary Gentry Mary has a formal education in the biological sciences, as well as a background in environmental planning and public health policy. Today, she applies her knowledge to personal care product formulation. She enjoys the outdoors, good water, and the wildness of sandhill country. Beautiful Sonoma County, California, is home for Sandra and her husband. She works in an integrative neurology Sandra Gustafson clinic as a registered nurse, naturopathic consultant, and Bowenwork practitioner. Her personal interests include growing organic vegetables, camping, hiking, swimming, attending folk music festivals, and indulging in overseas travel. Read Part 2 of Til's column on whiplash, page 108. Whitney Lowe Whitney is an educational entrepreneur who stays at the forefront of massage education. His emphasis on research- based education has given him a reputation for high-quality education programs. Whitney has moved into online curriculum development and has produced one of the profession's most innovative online certification programs. Whether he's teaching a workshop, writing an article, hanging out with a friend, being a parent, or seeing clients in his coaching and bodywork practice, Til gets Til Luchau satisfaction and joy from helping others have those things, too. He is a lead instructor for 10 massage & bodywork may/june 2010

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