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May/June 2009

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46 SCREENING NEW CLIENTS This practitioner has compiled a guide for communicating with new clients over the telephone. Learn how to ask insightful questions so you can practice safely. BY MIMI ZANNINO 52 KINESIO TAPING It became popular during the 2008 Olympic Games and continues to gain interest. Learn how you can help your active clients using Kinesio taping. BY KARRIE OSBORN 60 DEEP-TISSUE SCULPTING FOR LOW-BACK PAIN Using this gentle, penetrating approach you can improve your ability to observe structural organization and help clients take care of themselves. BY CAROLE OSBORNE 70 FRITZ SMITH ON ZERO BALANCING An osteopath and one of the first Rolfers, this pioneer turns 80 and shares his thoughts on the relationship between the body's energy and its structure. WITH DAVID LAUTERSTEIN AND FRITZ SMITH CLICK ON THE DIGITAL ISSUE AT WWW.MASSAGEANDBODYWORK.COM. 80 BODYWORK FOR FIBROMYALGIA Living in pain is unacceptable. Here's a discussion on the challenges of this chronic condition and some possible bodywork solutions. BY KARTA PURKH SINGH KHALSA

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