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May/June 2009

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what's on the web NOW CLICK ON GETHUMAN.COM DATABASE Wouldn't it be nice if you could cruise past the endless maze of options and speak with a human being instead of a recorded voice when you call your bank, cell phone company, favorite clothing store, or hotel chain? The geniuses behind feel your pain and have made this possible by not only passing along businesses from around the world and their respective telephone numbers, but the instructions for getting a real, live, breathing person as well. Get Human is now also available as an iPhone application. STAY UP TO DATE WITH ABMP You've probably seen this little orange box on in the News section and wondered about its purpose. It's a link to establishing an RSS feed, or real simple syndication—a way to receive news about the profession directly in your e-mail account. Once you've signed up by clicking on the button, our master RSS feed will inform you when fresh content—legislative updates, ABMP BizFit additions, new benefi ts, etc.—appears on this site. To sign up, simply click on the orange button and follow directions or paste the URL into your newsreader's subscribe dialogue and you will then receive automatic updates of our newest releases. EXPERTVILLAGE.COM Curious about the latest massage technique you heard about from your coworker or classmate? Head on over to and type the modality into the search bar and you'll be privy to video demonstrations. For instance, the term massage yields more than 2,000 videos—everything from Thai yoga massage to sports massage. Expert Village also makes a great resource for you to use with your clients, who can preview the type of work you do before coming in for a session. visit to access your digital magazine 13

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