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May/June 2009

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new products COMPILED BY SEAN EADS Comfort Touch Mary Kathleen Rose's text on massage for the elderly and ill is designed to inform caregivers about the benefits of touch. Readers of all backgrounds learn to practice this nurturing form of acupressure in a variety of settings. Available for $44.95 at 800-638-3030 or or Anatomy Trains Posters These newly-updated wall posters complement the 2nd edition of Thomas Myers' Anatomy Trains manual and detail muscular connections within the fascial net. The set of seven serves as quick references for practitioners and helps clients understand the complex interactions of their body systems. The laminated 12" x 17" set is available for $59.95 at 888-546- 3747 or at/store or Lateral Line: myofascial 'tracks' and bony 'stations' Bony stations Occipital ridge/mastoid process 19 17, 18 Splenius capitis/ sternocleidomastoid 1st and 2nd ribs 16 14, 15 External and internal intercostals Ribs 13 11, 12 Lateral abdominal obliques Iliac crest, ASIS, PSIS 9, 10 8 Gluteus maximus superior fi bers 7 Tensor fasciae latae 6 Iliotibial tract/abductor muscles Lateral tibial condyle 5 Fibular head 3 1st and 5th metatarsal bases 1 4 Anterior ligament of head of fi bula 2 Peroneal muscles, lateral crural compartment Myofascial tracks Anatomy Trains SECOND EDI T ION Thomas W. Myers The Lateral Line Hand-L This ceramic pressure tool helps reduce stress on the fingers, thumbs, and wrist. Its design allows the Hand-L to be used in trigger point applications, deep stripping, and cross-fiber work. It can be used through clothing for chair massage, with lubricant on the skin, or as a self-massage tool. Hand-L is available for $29.95 at 888-844-2635 or Bamboo Spa Clinician Table This Oakworks Inc. table provides durability and ecological responsibility in its bamboo construction. The table features auto-adjust arm rests, comfortable Aero-Cel padding, and UltraTouch upholstery. Interlocking legs combined with an open storage shelf are incorporated for additional stability. This table can hold up to 550 pounds. Call 717-235-6807 or visit for custom options and related pricing. for additional products and ABMP member discounts, visit 101

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