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SAVVY SELF-CARE best practices Learning to Play (Again) By Jennie Hastings I went away on a yoga retreat in August, and while I was there I learned I need to play more. It was a recurrent theme, a very specific reflection from more than one person, and I could feel in myself the truth of what they were saying. It is kind of funny, because my initial response to this discovery was, "But I am always playing!" How could I need to play more? My work is creative; isn't that play? I spend time with my friends and family, and we are always playing together, be it cards, or skiing, or jumping on the trampoline. I am active and social, I know how to let my hair down, what am I not getting about playfulness? When I asked myself what play means, the definition I came up with is that play is something we do for the enjoyment of the process—not for the finished product. The dictionary seemed to agree with me. Clarifying this did not help me understand what I may need more of in my life. As I looked up the definition of playfulness it began to dawn on me that it was not any specific action I needed to do more of, but a spirit of playfulness that could be applied to almost everything in my life.

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