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TELL ME … By Tara Doyle ABMP Social Media and Marketing Coordinator | Life is full of moments, some more significant than others. The moment you find your purpose is one to be treasured. Some people experience an early certainty about their calling, while others grapple with questions and inner turmoil before taking the first steps down a new path. For Jennifer Hagner, her passion emerged quite early in life. As a child, she was paid a quarter to give her family back massages; now she's a practitioner in Indiana. "I've always been fascinated with both the human body and the power of touch," Hagner says. "There was no question; I felt massage therapy was a part of who I am." In other cases, like that of Florida resident Shawn McCraw Sr., some must wander a bit further in their journey to fully understand and embrace their passion. "I worked at Winn-Dixie, UPS, First Union National Bank, and Southeast Toyota before realizing I should follow the path that was meant for me," McCraw says. The Moment You Knew You Wanted to be a Massage Therapist FALLING INTO THE FIELD Some massage therapists are introduced to the field through their own experiences receiving therapeutic touch. Shelby Lynne, a massage therapist from Ohio, describes her situation after falling from a hayloft as a child. "My parents took me to see an amazing chiropractor and his wonderful massage therapists. It only took a couple sessions with them for me to feel a huge difference in every aspect of myself. They educated me about my aches and pains, and I was amazed. I knew then I wanted to do massage. I love being able to do the same for my clients as those wonderful people did for me." ❱❱❱ 20 m a s s a g e & b o d y w o r k s e p t e m b e r / o c t o b e r 2 0 1 5 ❱❱❱

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