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Dr. Michael Uriarte Developer of The Myokinesthetic System P.O. Box 27187 | Shawnee Mission, KS 66225 | E-mail: | Order Our #1 Selling Home Study Courses Today! Upper and Lower Home Study is set-up identical to hands on class. No prior knowledge needed to learn how to tap into the power of the nervous system with NO THUMB WORK! Bill per treatment, not per minute. Go online to or call 913.220.5484. Dr. Uriarte is excited to announce new work with the University of Idaho conducting evidence-based research on the MYK System. All hands-on classes $495 — 2 days — NCBTMB #151119-00 — 20 CEUs TO RESERVE YOUR CLASS — CALL NOW 913.220.5484 or online go to: The muscle movement technique that corrects and balances the nervous system. Myo = muscle; Kinesthetic = movement. This is a new technique, not repackaged from another system. Earn 20 CEUs with upper or lower classes! qTestimonials Jan. 24-25 Jacksonville FL Upper Feb 7-8 Atlanta GA Upper Feb 21-22 Tampa FL Lower Mar 14-15 Orlando FL Upper Mar 21-22 SC AMTA convention Mar 28-29 Spokane WA Upper Apr 11-12 Denver CO Lower Apr 18-19 OH AMTA Convention Apr 25-26 Panama City FL Upper May 2-3 Myrtle Beach SC Lower May 16-17 Omaha NE Upper May 30-31 Cincinnati OH Lower Jun 6-7 Overland Park KS Upper Jun 13-14 Ft. Lauderdale FL Upper Jun 25-28 FSMTA Convention Jul 11-12 Raleigh NC Upper Jul 18-19 Des Moines IA Lower Aug 1-2 Wichita KS Lower Aug 8-9 Portland OR Upper Aug 15-16 Orlando FL Lower Aug 22-23 Nashville TN Upper Aug 29-30 Milwaukee WI Lower Sep 12-13 Davenport IA Upper Sep 19-20 Phoenix AZ Lower Sep 26-27 SD AMTA Convention Oct 3-4 Hartford CT Lower Oct 10-11 Chicago IL Upper Oct 17-18 Minneapolis MN Upper Oct 24-25 Seattle WA Lower Nov 7-8 Little Rock AR Upper Nov 12-15 Orlando FL Certification UPPER Body Class covers: Postural Analysis – confirms symptoms match cause 4 Minute Headache Treatment Session Neck Pain – including disk bulge/herniation, fusions Shoulder problems – rotator cuff, frozen shoulder, post surgical techniques Carpal Tunnel Tennis Elbow Dizziness Post Stroke contraction problems LOWER Body Class covers: Postural Analysis – confirms symptoms match cause Hip and Knee Replacement problems Diabetic Neuropathy Sciatica Plantar Fasciitis Low Back Pain – disk bulge/herniation; fusions/rods Balance Issues CERTIFICATION Class covers: In-depth assessment Case studies Treat lower from seated position Bi-lateral upper treatments New thoracic info How to treat the organs I would like to let you know how liber- ating it is not to lose 2-4 days of work to migraines. I have been to several neurologists, a headache and pain center, acupuncture, MRI's and more with nowhere near the results I have achieved with your system. I highly recommend this protocol for migraine headaches. Gwyn L. WOW!! What an amazing technique. This was exactly what I was looking for to help some clients that various massage techniques did not solve/ or control their pain issues. After my first class, I helped a client with frozen shoulder regain full ROM with no pain remaining within a few sessions, we had not been able to accomplish this in 6 months of previous massage. I have been using your technique for more than a year now. It still amazes me to see someone stand up and their symptoms are gone. This has been an invaluable treatment that has helped people who have tried everything and had given up hope. Thank you. Charlene Rude All Hands-On Classes $495 2015 SCHEDULE

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