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F r e e S O A P n o t e s w i t h M a s s a g e B o o k f o r A B M P m e m b e r s : a b m p . u s / M a s s a g e b o o k 15 A TOUCH OF HUMOR Susan M. Epperly and her husband, Shane, are licensed massage therapy instructors and clinical massage therapists in private practice in Austin, Texas. Through their production company, Tiger Lily Studios (, Susan and Shane create educational content for fellow health and wellness practitioners. Their most recent project is a growing collection of resources called Your M.B.A. (Massage Business Advocates) series. The first two ebooks in the series (Massage Marketing: Parting Gifts and Designing the Perfect Massage Space) are now available on their website. "Cindy, I'll admit that they really are great shoes, and I understand that you're heartbroken about having lost one of them, but the sooner you take off the remaining one, the sooner we'll be able to make some real, sustainable progress with your low-back and hip pain."

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