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November | December 2014

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WHAT'S INSIDE? NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2014 DAVID'S HEROES Volunteer massage therapists like David Kupferschmid are working with Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to help wounded warriors with damaged bodies and spirits in need of healing. By Karrie Osborn FEATURES 64 REIKI AND PTSD Because this energy-based modality is noninvasive, it's a great resource for easing the burdens of war for our returning troops. By Heather McCutcheon 70 BRINGING THEM HOME What does the research tell us about craniosacral therapy and veterans? By Karrie Osborn 74 CULTIVATING NEUTRALITY Who sets the session's goals: you or the client? Explore the benefits of keeping your bias out of the picture. By Robyn Scherr 82 FREEING THE QL The QL can become a dumping site for clients' unmet needs, frustrations, and grief. Here, an expert talks about how to unlock its potential. By Peggy Lamb 88 KEEP CALM AND MASSAGE ON How to help clients get the most from their bodywork sessions— whether or not relaxation is the purpose of their visit. By Allissa Haines 119 SHOW US YOUR WEBSITE! 54 Cover photo by Shy Shorer Photo by Shy Shorer A Salute to Those Who Serve

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