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November | December 2014

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102 m a s s a g e & b o d y w o r k n o v e m b e r / d e c e m b e r 2 0 1 4 WHAT IS AN ENERGY FIELD? Technically, a field is a physical quantity that exerts the same influence at each point in time and space. Fields could also be called forces, because they move through a medium and transfer energy. 3 My son did so well comparing us to fireflies that I'd like to borrow his personal definition of a field, which is "the place in which you play baseball." Think about it: a baseball field is a physical quantity—an area with set boundaries—and every person within that field is generating fields of energy. We're electrical beings. Our cells and organs pulse with electricity. Even our thoughts and feelings, formed by neurological and biochemical interactions, create electrical charge. In turn, electricity produces electromagnetic, electrical, and magnetic fields. Want another name for electromagnetic activity? It's light. 4 On the micro-level, some of the light fields we radiate are made of very tiny units of light called biophotons. These mini light bulbs, many of which come off our DNA, resonate together to create an interactive field of light around us. 5 Certain frequencies or ranges of this body-light fall within a narrow spectrum and are called the auric field. The human auric field is composed of very subtle or fast-moving light. What all this means is that on the baseball field, every single being—players, umpires, parents, popcorn makers, dogs with wagging tails—are constantly interacting energetically. Everything interacts in a field, so a mother's sneeze could cause a catcher on the other side of the field to drop the ball, even if he can't hear her. technique ENERGY WORK Fielding Energy Healing From the Outside In By Cyndi Dale Bodyworkers typically better their clients' lives by working on the physical body, mainly using touch. So why work outside of the body? After all, our reputations are at stake. Who wants to be seen waving their hands in the empty air? There are two main reasons. First, that's all we're doing anyway—working with fields of energy, that is. The body, like nearly everything else, is primarily composed of oscillating fields of energy. As Richard Gerber, MD, subtle energy pioneer, explains, we are nothing more or less than complex bundles of energy that vibrate and oscillate at different rates. 1 Even our cells exchange information via oscillating electromagnetic fields, making us fields of light. 2 This means that when you're trying to loosen a client's psoas muscle, or doing just about anything else for the body, you're actually manipulating a field of energy (the skin) to reach a deeper field of energy (the muscle) to create more open channels of energy for healing purposes. Why not be more knowledgeable about the process of "massaging" energetic fields? The second reason it's important to understand the auric field is that while it's viable to alter the body by working on it directly, it's equally possible (and sometimes easier) to shift negative conditions by manipulating the energy fields emanating from the body. In short, we can change the content of a container by altering what's inside it—or by actually altering the container. Change the energy around the body, change the body. "Mommy, we look like fireflies!" This was my youngest son's gleeful remark when he first saw an image of an aura around a person. I had to agree. Surrounding us, for several feet, are rainbow fields of light called the human auric field. Knowledge of these fields can dynamically support your practice, whether you can see their glow or not.

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