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July | August 2014

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I t p a y s t o b e A B M P C e r t i f i e d : w w w. a b m p . c o m / g o / c e r t i f i e d c e n t r a l 17 SPEAK YOUR MIND What routine or ritual do you undergo before delivering massage or bodywork? Deadline: August 15 Publication Date: November/December 2014 If you could customize it, what would be your perfect work schedule for the week? Why? Deadline: October 15 Publication Date: January/February 2015 Email your responses to Your submission can be as short as you'd like and up to 250 words. What three things help you cope on challenging days? Upcoming Topics 1. Always take time for yourself. Even if I have six massages scheduled, I always plan for time in between them, so I don't feel rushed before the next one. 2. Keep your body balanced with healthy food and plenty of water. Eat balanced meals during the day and a small snack every few hours. Stay hydrated! Water is your best friend. 3. Take your days one at a time. Life as a business owner is hard, yet can be so rewarding. This day has you down—so what? Tomorrow is going to be fabulous! Just putting a smile on your face can make your day better. Erica Frost NEW CASTLE, PENNSYLVANIA Knowing I work for a supportive clinic with highly skilled peers is like having extra breath in my back pocket. I do Chaturanga push-ups between clients to reground. And I head out for a walk with a few minutes of Eric Church songs; music I love is the best release. Krista Wilbur Vermont 1. Meditation/prayer. 2. Essential oils. 3. Going for a walk. Maryanne Gilbert LITTLETON, COLORADO

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