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July | August 2014

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Different Strokes: the voice of ABMP By Karrie Osborn ABMP Member Profi le For more information on Donna Burick, or to download a free copy of "Insider Secrets to Happier, Healthier Living," go to The Energetic Path Donna Burick's clients will never fi nd a cookie-cutter approach when they come to her for healing. This holistic life coach and energy therapist enlists the modalities from her repertoire that will best help the client that day: aromatherapy, breathing and body/mind balancing exercises, neuromuscular biofeedback, qigong, reiki, and most specifi cally, the BodyTalk System. "Every session is custom blended so the work we do together draws from whichever energy therapy system is appropriate for that session," Burick says. Clients come in with their various symptoms of discord, but end up leaving with smoother relationships, more job success, and a sense of greater happiness and physical well-being. "For example, a massage therapist I recently helped shifted from being a part-time solo practitioner to landing a full-time instructor job at a local massage school," Burick explains. "She said the confidence she received from doing this type of energy healing opened up opportunities for her she would have never gone for before." Burick's clients represent a full spectrum of people and pains. "I have people who come in with physical pains and it turns out they are terrified of moving forward in life; once their fear is gone, the pain is no longer needed. I have people come to me who are not sleeping through the night and it's because their body is struggling with a transition: they cannot let go of the old and receive the new. Once the transition is smoothed out, they sleep like a baby. I have been honored to work [on everyone from] babies in utero to octogenarians who are looking for what's next in their life." Burick says 50 percent of her business comes from remote healing over the phone. What's the best part of the work she does? "That moment when clients get how interconnected their life really is. They understand on a deep level that their thoughts create their health, their point of view creates their life, and their actions create their circumstances. From this moment on, they have the power to create their life instead of reacting to it. This is a transcendental shift in their consciousness, and it is such a rush for us both! That's the moment I love most about my work." For those wanting to bring energy therapy into their practice, Burick offers this advice: "Adding energy work into a massage practice seems like a natural thing because we are all energetic beings, but there are processes that must be followed for it to have a positive effect. "First of all, learn ways to clear and ground yourself. This will allow you to become a channel of energy, rather than a source of energy. The former adds health and vitality to your life and the latter depletes and weakens you. "As a healer's healer, I see a clear correlation between the success rate of those who support themselves by utilizing an energy therapist and those who do not. Your level of self-care is vital to the level of success you can attain and sustain."

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