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May | June 2014

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110 m a s s a g e & b o d y w o r k m a y / j u n e 2 0 1 4 technique ENERGY WORK A few years ago, my son prayed for help. Would the Big Guy upstairs help his team win a playoff baseball game? Well … our Bad News Bears didn't even score. Feeling trampled, Gabe asked me how this could have happened. We smile when a kid treats God, consciousness, or the universe like a penny gumball machine: in goes the request, out rolls the gum. But in our personal lives and as practitioners, we also deal daily with the same questions when it comes to the invisible elements of healing. We understand the desire to get an edge for our client, whether the stresses we seek to alleviate are physical or emotional. We are constantly informed about the power of belief, whether it is via the placebo or nocebo effects, positive thinking, Law of Attraction, prayer, or the word employed in this article—intention. We've all heard or experienced demonstrations that point to the ability of belief to make a difference. It's just that the power seems so hard to manage or enforce. For example, we might work on two different clients with the same basic issues and symptoms. We're able to create a signifi cant difference with one but nothing with the other. We believe in our skills, and yet the outcomes are so very different. Is this because of the unique attributes of our clients? Soul issues? Blind luck? Did they—or we—have a bad day? Figuring out the basics of intention can help us better use it as a healing tool. The Sum of All Intentions Creating Reality Through Our Thoughts By Cyndi Dale

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