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We talked about her career—a blend of practicing, teaching, perfecting, and writing about bodywork. I loved hearing how living in Switzerland was inspiring her other love—black and white photography. Cozy on the return train, I marveled at how absolutely perfect the day was. What magic I would have lost had we not taken this side trip: how I'd have missed seeing the dairy cows traversing the perfectly manicured slopes (yes, they proudly wear bells); and how I would have missed carrying home so much inspiration and creativity thanks to Barb. Have you had an adventure lately? Do you know when to say yes (or no) at the right time? Does your bodywork career fuel your spirit? Do you have people who inspire you and connect you with other amazing people? I hope all your answers are yes. LESLIE A. YOUNG, Editor-in-Chief EDITOR'S NOTE When not teaching energy medicine, Roger Gilchrist spends time seeking the resources of nature. A former trekking guide, he has sought out mountain peaks from North America to New Zealand. He even did a craniosacral session high on Mount Shasta to soothe altitude sickness. Craniosacral therapy jargon blaster and clarity fairy (the work needn't be mysterious!), Robyn Scherr balances her full practice, writing, and teaching schedule by taking long walks in wild places with her wife and unruly terriers. Her daily meditation consists of wiping up muddy paw prints. contributors After a devastating flood in September, Andrew Biel's small Colorado farm is coming back to life with a new brood of chicks and several colonies of bees. The return of the goats, however, will have to wait. For now. 8 m a s s a g e & b o d y w o r k m a y / j u n e 2 0 1 4 A Cup of Yes I met Massage & Bodywork columnist Barb Frye once in person, at a massage conference, in 2009. Her BFF Diana Thompson (who's also contributed widely to Massage & Bodywork) introduced us and we agreed to work together. Barb is as Diana promised: sharp, witty, sarcastic, and delightful. Barb loves to taunt me with offers of a cup of Swiss hot chocolate—"the best ever." But she lives in Switzerland. Fat chance my path would take me from Colorado to her tiny village outside Lucerne. Imagine my surprise when my parents invited me on a European river cruise and the last port was in Switzerland with an option to venture to Lucerne. Voilà! Of course, our cruise was wonderful—full of adventure from the winding stairs of a windmill in Holland to a pub crawl in Heidelberg. At the end, we were tired, but decided to hop a train to visit Barb. Besides, she'd promised hot chocolate. Winding through the Swiss countryside, we were enchanted. Certainly, the fictional character Heidi would be around the next corner with her goatherd, grandfather, and golden braids. The fields were so pristine; there must have been gnomes trimming every blade of grass, every tree. Dapper and keen as always, Barb met our trio at the train station and took us on a walking tour of the village Rapperswil—from its ancient Capuchin monastery, past a field full of reindeer (yes!), down cobbled streets, straight to the corner coffee house and a mug brimming with (tada!) hot Swiss cocoa. Massage & Bodywork columnist Barb Frye (left) tours Editor-in-Chief Leslie Young around Rapperswil, Switzerland.

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