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November/December 2013

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KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS: MASSAGE EDITION FROM FACEBOOK I did a massage for a 7-year-old boy recently. His mom told me that after he got home and started playing he said, "Look Mom! See how fast I can run? It must be the massage!" SANDY ROSE KAZENKO My youngest boy is 5, and he "instructs me" to massage him. "Just a bit here. And there, and bit more there, mummy." I love it!!! It is the only time they are still! SIMONE MALIN COHN One of my clients has a little girl about 8 years old. I go to her house every other week. Well, her little one is very interested in massage and likes giving her mommy massages. Apparently, she saw me as competition! She slipped a note under the door during our session. The note explained how she was sad and went on to say, "I thought you liked my massages!" complete with sad faces and three free one-hour massage gift certificates! So, I invited her into our next session for pointers, and she sat down with a notepad, pencil, and a huge smile. PRISCILLA DAVIS When my son wanted a massage he would say, "Pet me." He will be 26 this month and he still says "pet me" when he wants a massage. DENISE VANVLIET When I asked my then 5-year-old why she liked me to massage her, she said, "Because you can reach all the corners." Twenty years later, she's on her feet a lot and wants me to work on her "bipedal undertendons." Kids say the darnedest things, even as adults. MARILYN ST JOHN I had a young boy say, "That was even better than playing Xbox. Can I do that again?" REVELATION MASSAGE I have a 13-year-old girl I work on. When I went to the front of the office to get her, she was playing with a boy of about 9 or 10, and she was trying to convince him to get treatment (I work for a chiropractor). When I called her, she says to him, "Oh, and I also get massages. Think about that and be jealous." SARAH DICK I was doing chair massage at the coffee shop one afternoon and a little boy about 5 years old came up and asked what I was doing. I told him people come to me with a sore back and I rub it for them to make it better. He thought about it for a minute, then grabbed his shoulder and said, "Ow!" KILLEEN AVILA My daughter told me one time, while getting a massage: "You know what, Mom? This is why I don't run away." She cracked me up. That was more than 10 years ago and I'll never forget it. Teenage years can be challenging for them and massage got her through it, I guess. CYNDI BOCCUTI My skinny little nephew, 10, wanted a onehour massage instead of just 30 minutes. I said, "You're so tiny. I don't think I can fi ll all that time!" He replied, "Allissa, just do everything you do in 30 minutes. Then, do it again. C'mon. Get it together." ALLISSA HAINES My son was 3 when I started Solstice Massage Spa. He would call it the "Mrs. Ahhhsage spa." Now that he can (almost) say it, we still laugh about it. SOLSTICE SPA AND BOUTIQUE See what benefits await you. 17

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