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November/December 2013

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READER FORUM MORE RESOURCES FOR PEDIATRIC BODYWORK It was a great pleasure to receive the September/ October issue, with its four articles on pediatric massage. When I first began researching and writing about massage for children in the late 1980s, there was not only very little information about bodywork for children, but only one organization that promoted infant massage. Thankfully, there are now lots of great therapists working with children in interesting and innovative ways, including Integrative Touch for Kids and Hands to Hearts International. One last point: anyone who works in an orphanage overseas will see wonderful changes in the children who receive massage regularly, but in order to help the most children, the orphanages themselves often need structural changes, especially increased funding by their governments so children have more caregivers and live in better conditions. Thanks again for the great issue. MARYBETTS SINCLAIR AUTHOR OF PEDIATRIC MASSAGE THERAPY CORVALLIS, OREGON PLAN FOR PRODUCTIVITY I'd like to add to the myth about always being available for your clients ["The Myths (and Realities) of Running Your Practice," September/October 2013, page 100]. Sitting around waiting for walkins is discouraging and doesn't attract clients who are willing to book ahead of time. Plan ahead to use your extended openings as an opportunity to do direct marketing with your target clientele. This strategy will generate more clients, leaving you with less unproductive time in your practice.
 CATHERINE COX AURORA, COLORADO KUDOS Whoa! Mahalo nui loa ("thank you, from the heart") for this cover [September/ October 2013]. Ethnic diversity and age diversity. This is one of the main reasons I prefer ABMP! As we know all too well, the world is not all the same—and thank the spirits for that. VICTORIA J. ROBERTSON BOULDER, COLORADO Access the digital edition archives at on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. TIME TO SWITCH! I have a colleague (Pam) who will be joining ABMP when her AMTA membership runs out. What does she need to do to give me credit? Does she need to have my member number or just my name? She spoke with another colleague (Terry) who joined recently. This all started when I shared my ABMP magazine with Pam. It is so much better than AMTA's magazine! What we like are the articles about various techniques. You can actually start using them (without having to take a course). Those techniques we really want to know more about, we'll take courses to get more info. We practice on each other before "going public." Pam gave the magazine to Terry and she was so impressed she joined! Keep up the good work! AMY ECKARD TEMPERANCEVILLE, VIRGINIA ABMP Response EMAIL YOUR LETTERS TO EDITOR@ABMP.COM. INCLUDE YOUR FULL NAME AND THE CITY AND STATE IN WHICH YOU RESIDE. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO EDIT LETTERS FOR LENGTH AND CLARITY. Amy, we're pleased Pam, Terry, and you appreciate Massage & Bodywork magazine. It's just one of many solid ABMP member benefits. In order for you to get a referral credit, Pam needs to have your full name, city, and state. It's even easier for us to give you a $20 credit toward your next renewal if she also has your member number. Your Professional membership is $199, so if you get nine more referral credits, your next renewal is on us! See what benefits await you. 11

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