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November/December 2013

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technique @WORK | THE SCIENCE OF MOVEMENT | ENERGY WORK | MYOFASCIAL TECHNIQUES Chakra Shortcuts to Stress Relief By Cyndi Dale During the holiday season, our lists of cleaning, cooking, and shopping chores seem to grow exponentially. As the to-dos increase, so do clients' stressors—as well as the negative impact this stress has on their bodies. One of the most important functions of serving as a professional healer is relieving stress. On the surface, stress and strain might present as sore shoulders, a torn ligament, or a raging headache. While a client's therapeutic request might be housed within words requesting physical relief, the nature of energy is such that what is unsaid is often as important as what is said. CHAKRA 110 massage & bodywork november/december 2013 SEVENTH White SIXTH Purple FIFTH Blue FOURTH Green THIRD Yellow Orange FIRST Following is an outline of the major chakras and a few of their features, including the vibrational color, physical location, managed issues, dates of activation, and presenting symptoms. The muscle groups related to each chakra are often found near a chakra's location. I work with a 12-chakra system that expands beyond this traditional 7-chakra Hindu model. See page 112 for information on these additional energy centers. COLOR SECOND The Major Chakras Red

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