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78 m a s s a g e & b o d y wo r k j a n u a r y/ fe b r u a r y 2 0 24 There's a lot of chatter in the world about artificial intelligence (AI) programs. The AI programs relevant to massage therapists include writing tools that offer the ability to assist in creating content for almost every part of our businesses. I want to emphasize the important words in that previous sentence: tools and assist. AI does not eliminate the need for thought and discretion in the message you put out into the world. But it can make creating those messages much easier. AI does not remove the uniqueness of your business, but it can help you be consistent in the tone and style of your messaging to attract the best clients for you. There are new programs frequently popping up and increasing integrations of AI into existing social media and content creation tools. We're going to cover the popular and easy-to-use program ChatGPT ( and its simple uses in your business. LETTING AI WORK FOR YOU ChatGPT has been available since late 2022. Since, it's become a commonly used tool for all kinds of businesses. There is a free version that can likely do everything you need for small business use. I've found AI is most useful in creating and polishing written content. Many business owners don't have experience writing marketing copy like email content or social media posts, and most of us have no experience with branding or creating a consistent message and feel for our business. But these are important marketing tasks that can determine if our business attracts the right new clients or lets them slip by. ChatGPT solves that lack of experience issue. Give the program a clear and specific prompt, and it will complete the task. Let's dive into some examples of using ChatGPT in a massage business. SHANTANU KUMAR/UNSPL ASH CHATGPT IN ACTION Maybe you can write a decent blog post or email newsletter, but you aren't confident in grammar or spelling. You can task ChatGPT with something like: "Check the grammar and spelling of the following article and correct any errors." Then, paste your content in, submit the prompt, and let the program generate a corrected version. I sometimes worry that my content is boring or that I haven't written it in the best tone for my brand. I can ask ChatGPT to "rewrite the following article in a fun and personable tone," and like magic, my article is much more entertaining to read. essential skills | Pressure Points of Business Using Artificial Intelligence in Your Massage Business By Allissa Haines KEY POINT • Artificial intelligence can be used by massage therapists to aid in business communications and marketing, but it should be used wisely and with a sharp eye for editing.

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