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A B M P m e m b e r s ea r n F R E E C E h o u r s by rea d i n g t h i s i s s u e ! 3 FEATURES 36 36 A LIFE FREE OF HEAD PAIN The suboccipitals are a testament to the sophisticated design of our anatomy and the delicate interplay between structure and function. This author offers a holistic, comprehensive solution, incorporating eight thoughtfully sequenced techniques designed to release tension while considering the broader context of upper-crossed syndrome and forward-head posture. By Erik Dalton, PhD 46 PALPATING THE ANTERIOR HIP FLEXOR MUSCLES Discerning the "hills and valleys" of the hip fl exor musculature can save time and energy and facilitate the job of muscle palpation. By Dr. Joe Muscolino 56 DANCING THROUGH LIFE Judith Aston has been a force in the world of movement for more than six decades. The founder of Aston Kinetics talks teaching, movement, life, and weaving it all together. By Karrie Osborn 62 RENAL FAILURE, DIALYSIS, AND KIDNEY TRANSPLANTS When things go wrong with the kidneys, signifi cant problems can develop. Massage therapy can substantially help limit the pain and some of the other issues that can result f rom chronic kidney disease, dialysis, and renal transplant. By Ruth Werner

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