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A B M P m e m b e r s ea r n F R E E C E h o u r s by rea d i n g t h i s i s s u e ! 21 ABMP Launches Customizable MBLEx Prep Curriculum The recently launched MBLEx Curriculum is now available for participating schools that want to offer students a deeper understanding of how to think critically and what it takes to pass the MBLEx. This three-part prep course is easily adaptable for instructors to fit into current curricula based on their school's needs and is free to ABMP Premier schools. The course includes PowerPoint presentations and accompanying lecture notes, an Instructor Guide filled with course outlines, activity instructions, and student materials, an MBLEx Prep Student Guide to partner with the course, and a variety of activities to engage students in deeper learning and critical-thinking skills. The MBLEx Prep Curriculum offers students program-long enrichment opportunities and test-taking strategies, giving them the tools they need to be successful learners. The curriculum is highly customizable, meaning instructors can fit lessons into established programs at any point, with the flexibility to tailor a course to meet the school's goals. Moreover, the MBLEx Prep Curriculum incorporates ABMP Exam Coach and ABMP Five-Minute Muscles for a deeper, richer, and more engaging learning experience. Naprapathy nə-ˈprap-ə-thē NOUN With influences from osteopathy and chiropractic, this system of treatment uses soft-tissue manipulation to release tension and balance energy flows in the body. The practitioner uses palpation to explore the tissue, looking for rigid, contracted areas of the body, then begins repetitive, rhythmic thrusts to gently stretch the contracted connective tissues. Sessions usually last 30 minutes, focusing mainly on the ligaments near the spinal column. Diet, exercise, and postural adjustments help improve circulatory and nervous system function. definition from Most Common Website Mistakes Websites are an incredible tool for recruiting new massage clients. A few simple updates can make your business website even better. Tune in to this episode of Business or Pressure with host Allissa Haines to learn about easy ways to level up your website. most-common-website-mistakes- business-or-pressure-allissa- haines THE ABMP PODCAST NETWORK KNEAD TO KNOW

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