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84 m a s s a g e & b o d y wo r k n ove m b e r/d e ce m b e r 2 0 2 3 essential skills | SAVVY SELF-CARE One exceptional quality of most bodyworkers is that we are amazing at giving. The act of giving is wired into our lifeblood, built into what we have chosen to do—not just on the side, but as our profession. To be of service, to help someone feel better, whether we know them or not, and to play a role in relieving suffering on the planet is such a gift. However, sometimes we tend to give too much. We've all felt the effects of overextending ourselves, from bouts of simmering annoyance, irritability, or weariness to full- blown hurt, chronic fatigue, or a disheartened feeling about our work. There are plenty of ways to sustain a healthy balance between giving and receiving. And discovering what refills, refreshes, and nourishes you is key to a thriving practice. One of our favorite and most pleasurable ways to stay current in the reciprocal f low of giving and receiving is the exquisite practice of "metta," or loving-kindness meditation. WHY LOVING KINDNESS Metta means loving kindness. It may sound overly sentimental, or even cheesy, but evidence shows its gentle activation can radically change your life. Metta meditation is an ancient Buddhist practice that helps one build goodwill and friendliness toward others and oneself. You don't have to be a Buddhist or believe in Buddhism to practice this meditation—just like you don't need to be religious to practice yoga or be Swedish to practice Swedish massage. A multitude of sacred writings demonstrate that kindness is not exclusive to any one religion or region; rather, practicing kindness is a way to heal and connect to our fundamental humanity. One of the amazing advantages of being alive today is that modern science continues to prove what our Metta Meditation Fill Your Cup by Practicing Loving Kindness By Heath and Nicole Reed ancestors endorsed for millennia. Research presented by Psychology Today reports that practicing loving-kindness meditation can provide relief from pain, illness, and stress, improve emotional intelligence, and increase our sense of connection to others and ourselves. Some studies show that practicing loving kindness can even slow biological aging. If living happier for a longer period of time sounds good to you, let's get started. METTA EXPERIMENTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Metta meditation has many versions, from classics dating back thousands of years to more contemporary variations and adaptations. We invite you to discover what variations benefit you most, especially in the moment. Regularly practicing metta will strengthen RAIMOND KL AVINS/PEXELS

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