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As the end of the year approaches, it's an excellent time to take stock in the year that was and offer gratitude in its wake. I'm thankful for this magazine and the work it has afforded me personally for 23 years. I'm thankful for our team of 13 individuals who work tirelessly to produce top-notch content, from this magazine to podcasts to continuing education. And I'm grateful for the more than 50 individuals who walk in the door daily to help ABMP's more than 80,000 members. I'm grateful for my family and friends who offer me unwavering support through thick and thin. And I'm thankful for the manual therapists who touch the lives of so many each day, and the therapeutic work they have afforded me over the years, from relaxation massage to Rolfing to ref lexology. I'm also grateful for the amazing humans who are the winners of this year's Massage Is for EveryBody Awards. These 10 individuals live by the guiding principles set out in ABMP's campaign to promote the power of massage. Winners will: 1. Serve as advocates for the powerful physical and emotional benefits of massage and bodywork. 2. Support and advocate for efforts that bring massage and bodywork to underserved populations. EDITOR'S NOTE Gratitude 3. Spread awareness of career options in the massage and bodywork profession. 4. Honor the healing role practitioners play in our communities. 5. Emphasize the importance of self- care, including receiving regular bodywork, for massage therapists and bodyworkers and their clients. Each year I'm in awe of the work the award winners do. Their names and their complete essays are highlighted in this issue (page 10); I promise they will inspire and motivate, and their stories are reasons to celebrate our profession. And ABMP is happy to continue the tradition of awarding these individuals $1,000 each for their essays. In that same vein, we have a special treat for you inside, as Senior Editor Karrie Osborn interviewed 2022 Masssage Is for EveryBody winner Shawn Shimkets ("War, Wounds, and Wellness," page 66). From military to massage, Shawn's story is one of many where people have found their path to touch through unconventional, yet beautiful, paths. And Shawn's giving nature to veterans in need continues to extend his bodywork journey. Massage Is for EveryBody is just one of ABMP's primary benefits. We're proud to offer insurance to protect your practice, this magazine six times a year, our biannual ABMP Education Summits, and ABMP's School Issues Forum, among many other benefits to membership. We hope our offerings bring you the coverage you need and the inspiration you crave to continue the hands-on work you provide to so many each year. We hope you enjoy this issue. DARREN BUFORD Editor-in-Chief A B M P m e m b e r s ea r n F R E E C E h o u r s by rea d i n g t h i s i s s u e ! 9

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