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82 m a s s a g e & b o d y wo r k j u l y/a u g u s t 2 0 2 3 essential skills | BLUEPRINT FOR SUCCESS Does Your Massage Business Need a Reboot? Changing Your Name, Logo, and/or Website Can Give You a Fresh Start By Allissa Haines Whether you've been practicing for one year or 10, there comes a time when you are ready for change. Maybe you launched your massage practice with a particular target market in mind but now that has changed. Perhaps you picked a name that seemed appropriate at the time but now it doesn't fit. Maybe you've leveled up your skills and your work is different now. It's common for a small business to "reboot" and rebrand, and a massage practice is no exception. When done thoughtfully, a rebrand can be beneficial to your business and your future potential. WHAT IS A REBRAND AND HOW DO I DO IT? There isn't one strict definition of rebranding. For some, it can mean simply changing your logo and updating your website with a fresh look. For others, it can mean changing the name of your business. Or you can overhaul everything, including your target market and those you serve. If you are generally happy with how you run your business but feel you've outgrown your current "look and feel," a visual rebrand can be a great way to bring a new vibe into your business. You can get a new logo designed online using one of the popular logo services available or work with a graphic designer you trust. You may also want to redesign your website to ref lect your new look and feel. You can also update the content of your website to better ref lect your messaging and tone of your massage practice. If you feel a new business name makes sense, you have options. One way to change your business name (at least to the general public) is to set up a DBA, which stands for "Doing Business As." It is also sometimes called an assumed name. A DBA is simply another name you want your business to be known by. You can keep your existing name and structure and simply start using the new DBA. For example, if your business is an LLC and the name is "ABC Massage" but you want to start going by "XYZ Massage," then you can keep the same LLC structure but set up a DBA and start using "XYZ Massage" as your business name. Setting up a DBA is generally free or very inexpensive depending on your state or local guidelines. You will generally need to register the DBA with your state, county, or city depending on your location, so check the rules and regulations in your area. Your locality may refer to it as applying for a business certificate or business license. Adopting a DBA does not usually require you to open new bank accounts or change anything about your financial records, which often makes it the most convenient method to change your business name. ANNA SHVETS /PEXELS.COM

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