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30 m a s s a g e & b o d y wo r k j u l y/a u g u s t 2 0 2 3 Practicing Healthy Movement While Tending to Others By Heath and Nicole Reed MINDFUL MOVEMENT MOMENTS In the seminal publication Awareness Through Movement, author Moshe Feldenkrais proclaims, "Movement is life!" He follows this up promising, "There is no limit to the improvement of movement." Imagine there being no limit to how good you can feel moving in your body. As bodyworkers, we are gifted by daily opportunities to embody these adages of greater vitality. It is the dance around the table and moving with the rise and fall of the breath, with the expression and dissolution of pain and tension, and with the waves of emotions that surge and soften. Our work is artistry in motion. And one of the challenges we face is remembering to notice our own movements, particularly while tending to someone else's. It requires sensitive attention and dedicated practice to include our own body intelligence in our every micro- and macro-movement in and outside the treatment room. Over time, we have discovered a simple yet potent question that helps us remember ourselves and relish our aliveness: Does it feel good to move? Moving our bodies plays a major role in how we learn, connect, express, and feel. Our bodies ref lect the ever-changing formations of thoughts, ideas, dreams, and emotions—even our feelings are in motion! Thinking and learning does not exclusively take place in our heads. The mind and body are inseparable and can be mindful collaborators or unaware adversaries. When we add moving with mindfulness, we tap into the wellspring of our body wisdom. Studies show that by making mindful adjustments to our posture and our breath, we reduce stress and inf lammation and feel happier. 1 We also feel more connected, more creative, and smarter. 2 Mindful movements are practiced anytime we pay close attention to our bodily sensations, position in space, and TANIA CERVIÁN /WESTEND61

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