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96 m a s s a g e & b o d y wo r k j a n u a r y/ fe b r u a r y 2 0 2 2 FITNESS MINUTE What we do every day as bodyworkers and massage therapists is taxing work. When we use our bodies incorrectly in that work, or for too long without rest, it starts showing up in our own physical issues. As a massage therapist and personal fi tness trainer, I will be with you, in this space, throughout 2022, sharing some tried and true ways to combat those issues. Watch my video that accompanies each article to follow along with me in real time. Stretches to Relieve MT Back Pain By Marisa Savino, LMT and Personal Trainer VIDEO: "STRETCHES TO RELIEVE BACK PAIN" 1. Open your camera 2. Scan the code 3. Tap on notification 4. Watch! TODAY'S PROBLEM: BACK PAIN Massage therapists often suffer from back pain due to improper body mechanics. The following stretches and strengtheners can help remedy and prevent your back pain. Scorpion Stretch (a.m. stretch) This stretch involves spinal rotation— twisting at the lower back is critical for everyday movements. Do this dynamic movement upon waking, before a workout, or even before a massage client. Cat/Cow (mid-day stretch) Try performing this dynamic move mid- day to stretch out the spine, focus on your breath, and improve overall fl exibility. Knee to Chest (p.m. stretch) Use this to stretch out the lower back, even into the glutes, and relieve any tightness built up throughout the day. Perform this static movement at the end of your working day or at the end of a workout. Superman This preventive move increases upper and lower body strength, while also strengthening the core. Superman should be a part of everyone's workout routine at least three days a week. Bird Dogs This exercise works the erectors, abdominals, and glutes and helps develop better balance and posture. Try this for low- back concerns, including hypermobility. Hollow Hold Crunch The hollow hold is an isometric core exercise that strengthens the abdominal muscles that stabilize your spine. Remember, quality over quantity. Marisa Savino is a New Jersey-based massage therapist and fi tness professional with a bachelor's degree in exercise science and psychology. Combining the knowledge of these two disciplines allows her to help prevent injuries and be better able to address the whole health of a client. Learn more at msfi and follow her on Instagram triss.

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