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3 Keys to Successfully Rebook Clients KEY POINTS • To achieve repeat bookings, practitioners must (1) understand client goals, (2) deliver value for clients, and (3) design effective treatment plans. • Understanding clients' clinical goals keeps the focus on the client, not profits, to ethically fill the appointment calendar. By Irene Diamond The spas and clinics I consult with have big goals. They most often want to accomplish rapid growth by increasing the number of appointments scheduled each month. Growing a volume-based practice by filling the service provider's schedule is one common approach to generating more income. The more appointments booked, the more fees collected. To keep those appointments coming in, businesses must learn effective client management. Here are my three Rs of client management: 1. Recruit (new clients) 2. Retain (current clients) 3. Reactivate (past clients) Most practices focus on the first R—spending money and energy to attract new clients. This is the most time-consuming and costly. Knowing how to retain current clients through an effective, ethical rebooking approach will provide much more value for a practice. ETHICAL = SUCCESSFUL The financial goal of a for-profit business is to make a profit. But hopefully, the business also puts people before profits by taking care of their team, service providers, and clients. It is absolutely possible to create a wonderful triple-win scenario where the clients, the staff, and the business all thrive. How Ethics Can Be a Driver Toward Profitability

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